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  • You might also know it as:
    • Master Scheduler
    • Course Scheduler
    • Student Scheduler
    • Request Scheduler
    • Resource Scheduler
    • Bell Scheduler
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    Master Scheduler also known as bell scheduler


  • Finally! Master Scheduling made easy:
    Step 1 : Scheduler Input
    Step 2 : Build scheduler (fully automated)
    Step 3 : Students Conflicts (solution based)
    Step 4 : Exports
    Master Schedule Screenshot
    Master Schedule Screenshot
  • Easy Scheduler Configuration
    • Easy imports
    • User friendly screens
    • Clear screen layouts
    • Intuitive look and feel
    • Get your schedule done this year - Faster and better!
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    Master Schedule Screenshot
  • EMO-Student Requests
    Student Requests
    With such a high building accuracy
    you know your students will be
    exultant to get their requested
    course choices fulfilled.



  • Automated Scheduler Builder
    • Automated intelligence
    • Automated conflicts reduction
    • Automated improvements
    • Fast
    • Accurate
    • Fewer student conflicts
    • Optimal course sizes
    • Optimizes while building
    • As conflicts appear they are immediately fixed
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    Master Schedule Screenshot

    Master Scheduler also known as bell scheduler  
    • Build Your Schedule

    • Proof of Concept

    • Free Evaluation 30 day


  • Course Manager
    • Semester
    • Course priority
    • Course limits
    • Reserve placements
    • Reserve teachers
    • Valid periods
    • Departments
    • Automated deconstruction - new
    • And so Much More …
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    Master Schedule Screenshot
  • Student Request Placements
    • Full Automated
    • Fewer student conflicts
    • Course balancing
    • Alternate or reserved courses
    • Conflict Sources – new and must have
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    Master Schedule Screenshot
  • EMO-Student Requests
    Fully Automated Building
    You do not have to spend any time
    on the building phase!!!
    The auto building is done with:
    * Speed    * Accuracy   * Intelligence



  • Master scheduler
    • Different view options
    • View detail selections
    • Eagle view
    • Information at your fingertips
    • Viewable improvement  solutions
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    Master Schedule Screenshot
  • Personal Placements
    • Reserve teachers
    • Lock courses
    • Team teaching
    • Valid lessons
    • Rooms and seats
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    Master Schedule Screenshot
  • ASCA Conference
    American School Counselor Association
    American School Counselor Association
    Master Scheduler also known as bell scheduler
  • Scheduler Analyzer
    Analyze your master scheduler for performance and efficiency
    Master Schedule Screenshot
    Master Schedule Screenshot
  • EMO - Quantum Leap
    Quantum Leap
    Scheduling takes a Quantum Leap:
    the singletons, doubletons, building,
    conflict matrix & more -
    intelligently done for you.
    What you always thought should be possible
    is now available.
  • Business Management
    Always wanted to know what would happen if you were to add or reduce resources?
    - Now you can!
    New choices and more power at your fingertips.
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    Master Schedule Screenshot
  • Study Hall
    • Students that have study hall
    • Percentages per period
    • Study hall teachers available
    • Summarized options
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    Master Schedule Screenshot
  • Scheduler Building Algorithms
    Specializes in complex scheduler building algorithms, to provide the best master scheduling solutions for you.
    Mathematically based.
    Better algorithms results in fewer conflicts to fix, with better course sizes.
    Don’t compromise on your schedule.
    Master Schedule Screenshot
    Master Schedule Screenshot
  • EMO - Enrich Your School Schedule
    Enrich Your School Schedule
    Give your school, students  and teachers
    what they  ask for and optimize your
    school performance and results.



  • Fixing Student Conflicts...
    ...is as easy as Pick and Click.
    • Displays workable fix solutions
    • Shows multi-period solutions
    • Changes conflicts to solutions
    • Source solutions
    • Auto suggest features
    Master Schedule Screenshot
    Master Schedule Screenshot

Councilors are taught traditionally to focus on making sure that the Singletons and Doubletons get placed first. When we’ve worked with the algorithms we found that it’s not as clear-cut as one would initially believe. This is very much dependent on the students’ unique choices and sometimes the auto building would place a selected singleton and then a doubleton, followed by a singleton depending on the best building order that needs to happen, according to your school. There’s no clear formula for this and having the master scheduler of the algorithm is like a captain standing at the front of the ship negotiating through a sea of single and doubletons.

The single and doubletons go hand-in-hand with the conflict matrix that we have improved into the Solution Matrix. From getting the solutions from the solution matrix, the Algorithms get a better understanding and insight as to the way that these courses relate to each other and how they need to be interactively placed on your master schedule.

These two new components, our Solution Matrix and Automated Scheduler Course Placements work interactively with each other and need to have both running in perfect synchronicity, to be able to build a proper master schedule fast with a high student accuracy.

Traditional approach:

You place the singletons and doubletons first and then look at the student conflict matrix and use the student conflicts matrix as a feedback of how well your courses are placed, where conflicts originate and what you need to change. So your courses (singletons and doubletons) drive your student conflicts. This is like going back laying new courses, checking out the conflict matrix and giving your report and feedback from the conflict matrix, which then gives you an indication which courses to go back to, move around or shuffle. Much like taking two steps forward and one step backwards; this is why this process takes so long and you cannot really get speed, a clear direction or momentum.


USA Scheduler approach– Quantum Leap:

We use the student’s courses to indicate how the courses need to be placed right from the start. This turns the old traditional scheduling process completely on its head, meaning that the students choices now advise the way and the order of how the courses should be placed. In letting the students choices be the driving force of the building algorithms, you get a much higher accuracy.


All of this happens via the solution matrix which acts like a translator between the students requests and the scheduler courses. This works much better, is more effective, faster and accurate, to use the students as primary indicators. The momentum and speed that gets generated with this approach is superb.


In Summary:

You do not work hands on with the singletons and doubletons, all of this is done automatically for you and thus you do not need any hand in the manual placements or building of your master schedule.

The Solution Matrix and Automated Building increases your control over the Master Schedule