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    New York
    2100 Students
    97% Accuracy

    “Easy to use and love the High Student Request Accuracy”
  • You might also know it as:
    • Master Scheduler
    • Course Scheduler
    • Student Scheduler
    • Request Scheduler
    • Resource Scheduler
    • Bell Scheduler
    Master Schedule Screenshot
    Master Scheduler also known as bell scheduler


  • Finally! Master Scheduling made easy:
    Step 1 : Scheduler Input
    Step 2 : Build scheduler (fully automated)
    Step 3 : Students Conflicts (solution based)
    Step 4 : Exports
    Master Schedule Screenshot
    Master Schedule Screenshot
  • Easy Scheduler Configuration
    • Easy imports
    • User friendly screens
    • Clear screen layouts
    • Intuitive look and feel
    • Get your schedule done this year - Faster and better!
    Master Schedule Screenshot
    Master Schedule Screenshot
  • EMO-Student Requests
    Student Requests
    With such a high building accuracy
    you know your students will be
    exultant to get their requested
    course choices fulfilled.



  • Automated Scheduler Builder
    • Automated intelligence
    • Automated conflicts reduction
    • Automated improvements
    • Fast
    • Accurate
    • Fewer student conflicts
    • Optimal course sizes
    • Optimizes while building
    • As conflicts appear they are immediately fixed
    Master Schedule Screenshot
    Master Schedule Screenshot

    Master Scheduler also known as bell scheduler  
    • Build Your Schedule

    • Proof of Concept

    • Free Evaluation 30 day


  • Course Manager
    • Semester
    • Course priority
    • Course limits
    • Reserve placements
    • Reserve teachers
    • Valid periods
    • Departments
    • Automated deconstruction - new
    • And so Much More …
    Master Schedule Screenshot
    Master Schedule Screenshot
  • Student Request Placements
    • Full Automated
    • Fewer student conflicts
    • Course balancing
    • Alternate or reserved courses
    • Conflict Sources – new and must have
    Master Schedule Screenshot
    Master Schedule Screenshot
  • EMO-Student Requests
    Fully Automated Building
    You do not have to spend any time
    on the building phase!!!
    The auto building is done with:
    * Speed    * Accuracy   * Intelligence



  • Master scheduler
    • Different view options
    • View detail selections
    • Eagle view
    • Information at your fingertips
    • Viewable improvement  solutions
    Master Schedule Screenshot
    Master Schedule Screenshot
  • Personal Placements
    • Reserve teachers
    • Lock courses
    • Team teaching
    • Valid lessons
    • Rooms and seats
    Master Schedule Screenshot
    Master Schedule Screenshot
  • ASCA Conference
    American School Counselor Association
    American School Counselor Association
    Master Scheduler also known as bell scheduler
  • Scheduler Analyzer
    Analyze your master scheduler for performance and efficiency
    Master Schedule Screenshot
    Master Schedule Screenshot
  • EMO - Quantum Leap
    Quantum Leap
    Scheduling takes a Quantum Leap:
    the singletons, doubletons, building,
    conflict matrix & more -
    intelligently done for you.
    What you always thought should be possible
    is now available.
  • Business Management
    Always wanted to know what would happen if you were to add or reduce resources?
    - Now you can!
    New choices and more power at your fingertips.
    Master Schedule Screenshot
    Master Schedule Screenshot
  • Study Hall
    • Students that have study hall
    • Percentages per period
    • Study hall teachers available
    • Summarized options
    Master Schedule Screenshot
    Master Schedule Screenshot
  • Scheduler Building Algorithms
    Specializes in complex scheduler building algorithms, to provide the best master scheduling solutions for you.
    Mathematically based.
    Better algorithms results in fewer conflicts to fix, with better course sizes.
    Don’t compromise on your schedule.
    Master Schedule Screenshot
    Master Schedule Screenshot
  • EMO - Enrich Your School Schedule
    Enrich Your School Schedule
    Give your school, students  and teachers
    what they  ask for and optimize your
    school performance and results.



  • Fixing Student Conflicts...
    ...is as easy as Pick and Click.
    • Displays workable fix solutions
    • Shows multi-period solutions
    • Changes conflicts to solutions
    • Source solutions
    • Auto suggest features
    Master Schedule Screenshot
    Master Schedule Screenshot

What if function:scheduler development

·          If were to add a group

·         If were to reduce a group

Improvement search function improved x5

Improve while building

Quick support integration

Quick support launch steps and indicator

Data Export to Excel

Alternative courses

Courses move between semesters eg Driving ed S1/S2

Automated deconstruct or tear apart year courses

Preview what would schedule looks like if were to make a change

Conflict fix solutions select only elective

Studyhall show compress

What if scenario linked with preview screen

Printouts with new rapport layout

Print outs class lists with details

Class list printout tweaks as received feedback from clients

Rapport Printing  Zoom

Rapport Printing : Preview

Rapport Printing : Thumb view

Conflict solution search for bigger schools

Alternate courses graphics bar

Auto computer graph conflicts would have without auto improve

Quick support restore code

Web storage disk

Master schedule view according by gradelevel

Student conflict changes from the old conflict source method to the solution view options

Student opportunities auto sorting

Student opportunities advisory intelligence

Student opportunities improvement solution indicator

Directory layout changed to clear up the main path

Student view : sorting  menu: alphabetical,per grade,per oppurtunities

Couse decompress only one

Course decompress: auto export and re-import

Display a student change history log when the student is reviewed

On exit prompt to save if changes was not saved

Save validate file

Internal backups added

Intern backups in separate folder and increased to 100

Alt show if student course is primary or alt pick

Master scheduler excel export includes database avoiding have to keep to separate files for data and schedules.

Conflict fix show if course solution was an alternate pick

Student opportunities

Range display student that have a student opportunity

Conflict solutions fix only valid grade levels



Term even balancing

Mail merge customizes printouts

Automated Master scheduler exports: One file for review big to small,courses,teachers schedules,frees, student schedules

Teacher student list per excel for google drive

Teacher student list zip all into one file

Student change history log keeping

Report printing tree view select

Report printing save all printouts to pdf

Reset all alternates to primary choice

Add stats chart in excel export of class lists

Email integration of sending schedules and classlists

Special Ed students


Student request side selection panel

Student request side selection valid grade checkbox

Mapping import file

Block scheduling improvements

Building speed improved


In program support ticket submission

Auto attach schedule data to support ticket

Support email integration

Easy restore from internal backup